smart-me 3-phase meter

The first 3-phase DIN rail energy meter with a direct connection to a cloud (MID Approval)
The smart-me 3-phase Meter is a precise high-performance energy meter with a built-in Wi-Fi interface. No additional hardware is needed for the integration into the smart-me cloud. The meter uses the existing Wi-Fi network and can be easily controlled and analysed via the internet. This is the easiest option to visualise the consumption of energy with the help of a smartphone, a tablet or a computer in real time, to analyse the metered data and to optimise the own-consumption. The connection possibility of three phases allows the incorporation and supervision of whole apartments, entire buildings or complete company sites with low investment costs.
  • 3-phase energy meter
  • Direct measurement up to 80 A (not switchable), direct measurement up to 32 A (switchable)
  • Encrypted Wi-Fi connection directly to the smart-me cloud
  • Real time measurement data with maximum precision, accuracy class 1 according to IEC62053-21
  • Remote switch, time switch and switching according to conditions
  • The smart-me Cloud enables extensive energy data management, automatic invoicing, remote controlling and alarms
  • Additional contact outputs to control external devices
  • The 3-phase Meter performs as gateway to the cloud for (almost) all IP-capable smart-energy devices (e.g. heat pumps, heating units, battery storages and many more)
  • Easy installation using the free smart-me app available for Android and iOS
  • MID B+D approval for billing purposes

2 Versions

  • Direct connection 5(80)A
  • Direct connection 5(32)A, switchable

Technical Data

Operating Voltage 3 x 85–253 VAC
Reference Current 5 (80) A / 5 (32) A
Max. Current 80 A / 32 A (switchable)
Mains frequency 50/60 Hz
Own consumption < 0.8 W per phase
Temperature Range -25–70°C
Measuring range 0.5-18’400 W (80 A) per phase
0.2-7360 W (32 A) per phase
Accuracy 1 according IEC62053-21
Type of energy meter Bidirectional meter (import and export)
Measurement values Active energy (kWh), active power (kW), current (A), voltage (V), power factor (cosphi), switch status, state inputs and output, Reactive energy (optional), Reactive power (optional)
Tariffs 2+
Interfaces Wi-Fi, S0 / potential-free contact outputs, tariff input (25-253 V AC/DC), SG Ready, smat-me All IP, Modbus TCP (optional)
Wi-Fi standard 802.11 b/g/n
Wi-Fi security standard WEP, WPA, WPA2 (personal)
S0 Pulse Values 1’000 / 10’000 impulses per kWh
Data storage 2 months
Product certification CE
Protection class IP20, IP51 (front)
Width 5 modules, 90 x 90 mm
Mouting DIN-Rail
Approval MID (EN50470-1 (2006), EN50470-3 (2006), CLC/TR 50579)

smart-me Meter

The Electricity Meter reinvented!

The smart-me Meter is the first Electricity Meter with a direct connection to Cloud. So you can control and monitor him from anywhere with your Smart Phone, Tablet or Computer.
You don't need any additional Hardware. The Meter connects to the existing WiFi Networks and this allows you to view your Energy Consumption in Real time!
An incredible cheap solution to make your Energy smart.
  • Single Phase Electricity Meter, 230 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Direct metering up to 80A
  • Bidirectional Meter
  • Direct secured Connection to the smart-me Cloud (WiFi)
  • Energy data management included
  • Additional S0 Impulse Output
  • Accuarcy Class 1, according IEC62053-21
  • Alarms (Email and Push)
  • Integrated Datalogger for 2 Months

2 Versions

  • Direct connection 5(80)A
    For up to 80A (18.4 kW).
  • Direct connection 5(32)A, switchable
    For up to 32A (7.3 kW). Power can be switched on / off. (For Remote control, Time Switch, Switching on conditions, ...)

Technical Data

Accuracy 1 according IEC62053-21
Operating Voltage 85 - 253 VAC
Frequency (f) 50 / 60 Hz
Max. Current 80 A / 32 A (switchable)
Reference Current 5 A
Starting Current < 20 mA
Tariffs 2+
Mouting DIN-Rail
Width 2 Modules, 36 x 90 mm
Interfaces WiFi, S0
S0 Pulse Values 1000 Impulses /kWh
Own consumption < 0.8 W

smart-me Plug

Smart-me is an energy and power meter, a remote switch, a time switch and a temperature meter all in one device. It’s connected to your Wi-Fi network and you can control and monitor smart-me from anywhere with your smart-phone, your tablet or your computer.

Available in a US, UK, Swiss and Europe (Plug Type F) Version

Power Meter
Smart-me is a high quality (class 1) energy and power meter. In addition to power, the device measures energy, current, voltage and power factor. For optimal accuracy every device is calibrated at production. We guarantee an accuracy of 99% (max. 1% error).

Temperature Meter
Smart-me is also a temperature meter. You can monitor the temperature from anywhere.

Remote Switch
Smart-me is also a remote switch. You can switch on or off the power remotely, using either your smart-phone or from the web.

Time Switch
Smart-me is also a time switch. On your smart-phone you can configure when smart-me should switch the power on or off.


The smart-me device is connected to your Wi-Fi Network at home and communicates with the smart-me Cloud Servers. With your smart-phone, or a simple web browser, you have access from anywhere to your smart-me device.

Security & Privacy

The security of your data is important to us. As such, every connection is encrypted and your data is stored anonymously on our servers. Of course, we will never sell your data to advertisers or other third parties. Our servers are located in Germany / Switzerland.

Energy Metering

Smart-me is a lot of things, but first it's a high quality energy and power meter. Smart-me has a high measuring range and an extremely high accuracy, so you can also use it to measure low power consumption such as Standby usage. To guarantee the best measurement accuracy every device is calibrated and tested by hand. The device measures the energy in both directions (import and export). This means you can use it to measure your consumptions and you can use it to measure your productions (e.g. from a photovoltaic system). The measured values are: Energy (kwh), Power (W), Current (A), Voltage (V), Power Factor (cos phi).

Technical Data

Voltage (U) Measuring range (P) Accuracy Frequency (f)
110V - 230 V; -/+10 % 0.1-3680 W 1 % (class 1) 50/60 Hz
Current (I) Protection class Own consumption Dimensions
10 A / 16 A IP 20 < 0.8 W 95 x 54 x 29 mm (3.7 x 2.1 x 1.1 in)

Max. switching power

US Version UK Version Europe (Plug Type F) Version Schweizer Version
1875 W (125V, 15A) 3000 W (230 V, 13A) 3680 W (230V, 16A) 2300 W (230V, 10A)

What do I need for smart-me?

Smart-me needs a Wi-Fi network to connected to the internet. To set up the smart-me device you need an Android or IOS smart-phone or tablet. To access your device you need to set-up a free smart-me account.

smart-me M-BUS Gateway

Gateway to the smart-me Cloud for up to 50 M-BUS Meters.
The smart-me M-BUS Gateway connects M-BUS Meters directly to the smart-me Cloud. The Device has an integrated WiFi Interface and so you don't need any additional Hardware. It uses the existing WiFi Network and upload the Data of different Meters (Electricity, Heat, Water, Gas and Temperature) directly to the smart-me Cloud.

An incredible cheap solution to make your Energy smart.
  • M-BUS Gateway to the smart-me Cloud
  • Integrated Level Converter for up to 50 M-BUS Devices
  • Integrated Power Supply
  • Supports all M-BUS Meters according EN13757-2,3 (former EN1434-3)
  • Direct (secured) connection to the smart-me Cloud (WiFi)
  • Easy configuration with the Smart Phone or the Tablet
  • Integrated Datalogger for 6000 Telegrams
  • Automatic Synchronisation after connection failure
  • Full Energy Data Management, Billing, Alarms, etc. on

Technical Data

Operating Voltage 100 - 240 VAC
Number M-BUS Slaves 50 Unit Loads
M-BUS Baudrate 300, 2400, 9600 (automatic Search and Detection)
Mouting DIN-Rail
Width 2 Modules, 36 x 90 mm
Interfaces M-BUS, WiFi
Datalogger 6000 Telegramme
Firmware Update Online
Galvanic Isolation Yes
Temperature Range 0 – 55°C
Installation / Configuration With the free smart-me App for Android and iOS

smart-me for Kamstrup Omnipower

smart-me module for the customer interface of the Kamstrup Omnipower meter
The “smart-me for Kamstrup Omnipower” module connects your Kamstrup Omnipower meter directly to the Cloud. So you can monitor it from anywhere with your smart phone, tablet or computer. You don't need any additional hardware. The module connects to the existing WiFi networks and this allows you to view your Energy consumption in real time! An incredible cheap solution to make your energy smart.
  • Real-time visualization of: Power, counter value (total and tariff 1-4), Voltage and current (in the App and on the Web)
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple diagrams and Reports
  • Online firmware update
  • Internal datalogger on connection failure for up to 1 Month
  • Usable as sensor to control other devices
  • Email alarms
  • Full functionality of the smart-me cloud (reports, controlling devices, billing)

Partner Products

EMU M-BUS Logger

To use smart-me you need Meters with M-BUS support and a M-BUS data collector. The M-BUS data collector reads the values from the meters over M-BUS, converts them to a SML File and upload it to the smart-me Server.

You need the following components for smart-me (M-BUS)

  • M-BUS Meters (Electrical, Water, Gas or Heat)
  • M-BUS Data collector TCP/IP

M-BUS Meters

You can use any M-Bus compatible meters. It does not matter whether it is a power, water, gas and heat meters. A list of M-BUS counter you can find here.

M-BUS Data collector TCP/IP

The M-BUS data collector TCP / IP periodically reads from all connected M-Bus meters and upload the data on the smart-me server. You can connect up to 60 meters per data collector. If you want to connect more than 60 devices, or you have multiple locations, you can easily use several M-BUS data collectors. The installation is very easy. You can buy the M-BUS data collector TCP/IP here: M-BUS bata collector from EMU Electronic Ltd.

Setup up data collector

1. Create smart-me account.
After you have setup your smart-me account login into smart-me. You will see a User name and a password for your API access.
2. Configure FTP on the data collector
Go to the website of your data collector and select the menu "Configuration -> FTP". Activate the FTP upload, select the type "SML file" and enter your FTP data.
3. Finish!
You meter data will be uploaded now to the smart-me server and are ready for your reports.

If something goes wrong, you can find more detailed instructions <a href="MBusLoggerInstallation.aspx">here</a>.

Solarautonomie S0-/D0-Datenlogger

Erfassung, Speicherung und Visualisierung von Verbrauchszählerdaten mit S0- oder D0-Schnittstelle

Erfassung von Verbrauchsdaten

Einfache und kostengünstige Erfassung und Visualisierung von Verbrauchsdaten wie Strom, Gas und Wasser über vorhandene S0-Zähler oder optische D0-Schnittstelle.

8 Datenkanäle S0 / 4 Datenkanäle D0 (DIN EN 62056-21)

Die Kanäle sind über die lokale Webseite individuell konfigurierbar und können auf den jeweiligen Zählertyp abgestimmt werden.


Die Anbindung an das lokale Netzwerk erfolgt standardmäßig über die LAN-Schnittstelle. Verfügbar sind die Optionen WLAN und UMTS/LTE.

Mehr Informationen zum Produkt finden Sie unter:


1. Create smart-me account.
After you have setup your smart-me account login into smart-me. You will see a User name and a password for your API access.
2. smart-me API Benutzerdaten eingeben
Gehen Sie auf die Webseite des Datenloggers. Bitte hinterlegen Sie den API Benutzername und das Passwort unter "Konfiguration → smart-me Zugangsdaten". Nach dem Senden wird der Zugang verifiziert und der Erfolg des Login-Vorganges angezeigt.
3. Finish!
Nach der Änderung/dem Anlegen der Zugangsdaten erfolgt ein Neustart der Monitoring-Software im Hintergrund. Die Zugangsdaten für das smart-me Portal werden übergeben, die Messdaten können übertragen werden. Im Zuge des Neustarts erfolgt der Abgleich der angelegten Messkanäle mit den Kanälen auf dem Portal die Identifikationerfolgt über den Titeldes Kanals. Das heißt, sollte ein Kanal lokal vorhanden sein (neu angelegt) und nicht auf dem Portal, wird automatisch ein neuer Kanal auf dem Portal angelegt.