Energy monitoring and reporting

With the smart-me technology, a few simple clicks is all it needs to conduct a complete energy analysis of a facility, a building or an entire company. The intuitive visualisation of the data allows a real-time monitoring of the consumption levels over various time frames, the customization according to your needs and the optimisation of the energy usage.
The smart-me applications combine different energy types such as electricity, compressed air, heat, air conditioning, water and gas in one platform.

Load management

Companies with many electrical appliances benefit from load managing their consumption levels. The term load management is generally understood to mean the reduction or elimination of peak currents through the strategic activation and deactivation of electrical consumers.
smart-me systems automatically switch off suitable devices for a limited time period, thereby realising saving potentials between five and twenty percent.

Perfect for Energy Managment according to ISO 50001

smart-me offers ideal monitoring and reporting tools for an energy management according to the new certification standard ISO 50001. Companies can actively supervise and comply with their energy-saving objectives.
smart-me is eligible for BAFA funding in Germany.


Do you wish to spread your energy expenses among different budgets or companies? smart-me systems generate your entire energy billing automatically and without additional expenses.

Facility monitoring and alarms

smart-me systems enable you to oversee your facility from afar in the simplest manner. You will automatically receive an alarm in case of a previously defined event.


The initial investment to install a smart me infrastructure is very low. Due to the generated consumption cuts and the inexpensive maintenance, the costs are amortised within just a few months.

Heat recovery

When employing production processes with heat energy above 50C°, heat recovery programs present themselves. The recovered energy provides a considerable saving potential. The products of smart-me enable you to measure, record and visualise the energy flows in your company during day-to-day operations. These real-time data help to understand the consequences of an investment and the decision can be made on an informed basis.

Compressed air generation

Compressed air is an expensive energy source. Energy savings are nonetheless feasible with the right equipment. smart-me allows you to measure and optimise the compressed air consumption by identifying and eliminating leakages. Additionally, the exhaust heat of the compressed air generation can be used. Up to 90% of the power draw can be reutilised as heat energy at a temperature between 40 – 65 C°. You can visualise the energy flows (compressed air, electricity, heat) during day-to-day operations and react to discrepancies. The performance recording of smart-me allows you to identify the savings potential and evaluate your investment options.

Heating and air conditioning

Reasonable and modern heating systems reduce energy costs. The products of smart-me make your energy flows visually tangible, show the potential for optimisations and can be used to compare various facilities or devices.

Building automation

Automated systems considerably reduce the energy consumption levels of electricity, gas, heat, air conditioning and light within your building. The starting points for an ideal utilisation is a customised user behaviour and automated shutdown processes for standby users (monitors, printers, lights, ventilation, climate etc.). smart-me enables you to implement a real time supervision of the energy flows and to have a clear picture of the conditions in the building.

Energy storage

The buffering of electrical and thermal energy contributes to the reduction or elimination of arising peak currents. Electric cars can be charged with excessively produced solar power. smart-me systems collect and visualise the relevant data and are able to directly take over the billing procedure with the loading station.


The sum of the energy optimisation measures can be expressed in CO2 tons. smart-me helps you to depict and document all of your saving measures. Investments in energy management systems have both an economical and an ecological benefit.

Reference object joinery Tischler

Telser is a medium-sized company that specialises in high-quality fire-protection and sound-isolation doors. The joinery employs a staff of 100 and produces approximately 20’000 doors per year that are sold Europe-wide.

Starting position
Telser consumed 200kW in average but reached peak currents of up to 350kW.

Services smart-me

  • Energy monitoring
  • Load management: In the event of arising peak currents, irrelevant consuming devices are temporarily deactivated (1x shredder 45kW, 2x shredder 25kW, 1x exhaust fan 15kW).

Since these consumers are automatically cut from the grid, the peak currents were significantly reduced.

Hardware and costs

  • 1 smart-me M-BUS Gateway: 448.00 EUR
  • 1 transformer meter (3-phase, M-BUS, main connection) 295.00 EUR
  • 3 smart-me Meter: 3 x 170.00 EUR
  • smart-me services: 7.60 EUR / month

Due to the low procurement costs, the investment was amortised within three months!