Energy monitoring and reporting

It's easy to create an energy analysis of a building with smart-me. Real time monitoring, graphs and reports helps to improve the energy efficiency.

Customer cockpit

Every tenant can view the energy consumption from his apartment at any time.


smart-me automatically creates all energy bills. It's easy to integrate also a solar system, the washing machines and the E-charging stations.

Billing of the wash machines

The energy costs of the washroom can be assigned to the correct person. Every tenant gets a NFC card. He can activate a machine and the energy costs are billed to his apartment.

Billing of the E-charging stations

Without a special wiring can the energy consumption of a E-charging station be billed to the correct person.

Self consumption optimization

smart-me controls consumers (like heat pumps) and can optimize the self consumption. So the lowest possible energy from the public mains grid is used.

Reference project

Key data: 12 apartments, Solar system, heat pump:

Services smart-me

  • Monitoring (Electricity and Heat)
  • Customer cockpit
  • Billing (Electricity and Heat)
  • Self consumption optimization (heat pump)

Hardware and costs

  • 12 Heat Meters, 14 Electricity Meters (M-BUS): 9'500 EUR
  • 1 smart-me M-BUS Gateway: 448.00 EUR
  • 1 smart-me Meter: 170.00 EUR
  • smart-me services: 51.30 EUR / month

Option billing wash machines

  • 1 smart-me Meter per wash machine: 170.00 EUR
  • 1 control panel (Tablet): 500 - 1000 EUR

Option billing E-charging station

  • 1 smart-me Meter per station: 170.00 EUR